Originating in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.A, a revolution in horsemanship has swept the country, and has reached the far corners of the earth.  

Actually, there is nothing new about the kind of horsemanship we are talking about.  It has always been used by some talented horsemen, but, now for the first time, this non-confrontational, humane, swift, and effective training philosophy is becoming popular worldwide.  Why?  It is because today's horse owners are better educated, more receptive to the science of psychology, and because of the information explosion that is occurring in most technologies.   

Video, the internet, publications, and jet travel which allow clinicians to travel rapidly are spreading the word.  Below are some of the better known trainers who are masters at behavior-shaping in the horse.   These people have produced books and videos and also do clinics all over the world.  

If you are involved with horses, professionally or recreationally, I urge you to become familiar with as many of these fine horsemen as possible.  After 6,000 years of domestication, these people are advancing the art of horsemanship so rapidly that most of the traditional methods of the past have become obsolete.  

This list is by no means a complete.  There are other progressive horsemen, but it is my policy to only recommend those whom I have personally seen work with horses and students, and are using scientifically correct training methods, rather than various traditional techniques.

    - R.M. Miller